Palliative and Hospice Care



Rosedale Green is dedicated to supporting individuals with terminal illnesses, and to treat their families and caregivers with kindness, empathy and respect. Palliative or hospice care is a special concept of care designed to provide comfort when an illness no longer responds to cure-oriented treatments.

Palliative care can be provided directly by the Rosedale Green staff or through a collaborative relationship with a hospice organization. The goal of palliative care is “to achieve the best possible quality of life through the relief of suffering, most specifically through the control of symptoms and pain, with consideration to restoration of functional capacity while remaining sensitive to personal, cultural and religious values, beliefs and practices.”

For eligible terminally ill residents, the Hospice Medicare Benefit provides an interdisciplinary team with skills in pain management, symptom control and bereavement assistance. The services of the hospice team can supplement Rosedale Green caregivers at a time when staff, family members and the resident are facing the increased and urgent needs associated with the dying process.