Rosedale Green nursing facility held their 16th annual prom, Thursday March 15.

Choosing Formal attire, getting manicures, scheduling hair appointments, and ordering corsages are all normal activities surrounding prom. The difference between Rosedale Green’s prom and most other proms is that instead of 17 and 18 year old

Marcella Dailey enjoying prom with daughter Diane Kleier.

attendees, prom attendees ages range somewhere between 67 and 97.

50 Rosedale Green residents and a host of volunteers, staff, family, and friends enjoyed dinner and dancing the night away. Local band The Mistics provided the evening’s music at this year’s “Old Hollywood” themed event, held at Twin Oaks and Plantation Golf Club.

Rosedale Green a not-for-profit Skilled Nursing Home is located in Covington and provides this event annually for their residents.

“It is a highly anticipated evening and it takes months to prepare” said organizer Julie Nagele Rosedale’s Life Enrichment Director, “we love seeing the happy faces of our residents and their families every year.”

One of the evening’s highlights is the crowning of prom Queen and King, previously determined by an election vote by Rosedale residents.

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