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Transforming Renovation!

If you haven't visited our campus recently, you are in for a big surprise!  Two years in the making, Rosedale has transformed from traditional Nursing Home into a next-generation option for Senior Care.  Rosedale Green has been known for compassionate outstanding care for many years.  Several years ago Rosedale's leadership and board set forth on a mission to provide the same excellent Senior Care in Northern Kentucky, in the most forward thinking environment feasible. 

A partnership was formed with Action Pact, an industry leader of elder care consulting based out of Kansas City.  Action Pact helped by bringing thoughtful resources and respected expertise to Rosedale Green's efforts through a variety of services and guidance.  What began as a culture change from traditional medical modeled nursing home to the "neighborhood" a more person-centered environment, has now come full circle with the creation of eight individual Households.  Rosedale Green Households offer person-centered care in a unique setting that provides our residents with all of the essentials of home. 

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