Employee Testimonials

Wanda Claypool


“I love being a part of Rosedale Green. There are so many things I like. My coworkers are wonderful! As soon as you walk in the front doors you can feel what a friendly and warm place it is. It is so nice to be a part of the residents’ lives and to feel genuinely appreciated. Just spending a little time with the residents make them feel good and makes me feel even better. There is just a lot of love here!

Judy Ashworth

Unit Coordinator

“It is truly a joy and blessing to work here at Rosedale Green. I just wake up with a feeling of appreciation each morning for getting to come here and be a part of our residents’ lives. We not only take care of the residents but all the co-workers take care of each other. The constant compliments from families, managers and leaders really makes you feel amazing. I feel proud to be a part of Rosedale.  There just isn’t enough good I can say, I can’t imagine not being here!”